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Living in Space

  • Entering 6-7 Grade
  • 4 Days / 1 Overnight  Note: the overnight experience has been removed due to COVID-19
  • Price: $299* 

Campers gain a greater understanding of Earth’s life systems as they consider how humans survive in space. Campers visit local attractions such as Dillon Nature Center, food production and greenhouse energy production facilities and the waste treatment plant to gain insight into the construction of their own solar water heater and water filtration systems to support their own future space colony. They will get to stay overnight at the Cosmosphere and participate in hands-on STEAM learning.

Available Dates:

  • June 1-4, 2020  This session has been removed
  • June 22-25, 2020 This session has been removed
  • July 6-9, 2020

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* A $50 registration fee will be added to each camp at checkout.

"I am forever grateful for the opportunities and the friendships I have made over the years in connection with the Cosmosphere. These are the memories you cherish and the friends you keep."
- Travis Lechtenberg, Cosmosphere Camps Alumnus and Aerospace Engineer for Omitron